Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The entire next generation...
they are all spaced out at roughly 2 1/2 years apart, so we have
Carter at 6 months,
Alyssa at 3, Drew at 5 1/2,
Thomas at 8, James at
10 1/2, and
Rebecca at 13.

I know Thanksgiving happened before Christmas, but I got to my Christmas pictures first, and I just now found my Thanksgiving pictures.
We drove down 4 hours to see friends Wednesday night, saw the Wilson's, the Hesseltine's and the Vega's, then went to George's sister Bev's house for Thanksgiving breakfast with his family, and drove back to my mom's house ( 2 1/2 hours) for Thanksgiving dinner, then made it home for bed (1 1/2 hours).


George's sister Marie and her husband Robert with the newest member of the family, Carter.


A Thanksgiving tradition:
Hide and Seek!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

This year's school pictures! They are all doing very well. James was elected class representative for his classroom (they don't get to run for specific offices until next year, the younger grades just get class reps). Rebecca is 8th grade class secretary. Rebecca was also chosen as student of the month for December, and the Lions club will be honoring her at a dinner later this month. Her friend Sabrina will also be honored, she was November student of the month. Sabrina is one of the 2 girls going with Becky to Washington.
You can always tell my kids by their colors...Thomas' favorite color is green, maybe because he's the only one who didn't get George's blue eyes? James' favorite color is always blue, and Rebecca loves purple or pink.
I always keep the boys' stuff separated that way, their toothbrushes, socks, shoes, whatever...we always know who has blue and who has green.

Christmas Day

The kids had a blast opening their presents early (very very early!!) Christmas morning. Sorry I don't have any pictures of Becky, she took all of our Christmas and Pre-Christmas pictures with her new phone that she's so excited about! She has a job 2 days a week after school, so she can pay for the plan. We wanted her to have a cell phone/camera/video camera for her trip to Washington, and this way she has a few months to get used to it.

Christmas Day

Christmas afternoon my mom, Mike, and my brother Ken joined us for Christmas dinner. We had a great day!

Wednesday before Christmas

This is a Christmas Praise and Worship session at Randy and Laura's small group the Wednesday before Christmas. We had a great session, and Laura always makes everyone Latte's!

Sunday before Christmas

This was the Sunday before Christmas at City Church in Redding. They meet in the Cascade Theater, which is pretty neat. James and Thomas were onstage with the rest of the kids, singing Happy Birthday Jesus. You can see the boys in the picture of the kids walking onto the stage, Thomas is on the right in a yellow shirt, James is on the tier above him in a red shirt, second from the right. Our friend Susan's granddaughter Bailey is top tier on the left with a gold bow in her hair. The little girl in the front with the black and silver dress had a solo at the beginning and end of the song.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Washington Itenerary

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Washington D.C.

Rebecca will be attending a Leadership conference in Washington D.C. this June. She is very excited!!! Here is her acceptance letter from last year.

We went out to Pit 1 with some friends at the very end of Summer, and the kids had a great time playing in the water. We played around with forced perspective pictures. Thomas caught some big fish :)


We had fun with Baseball last summer. Thomas was in Farm league, James was in Minor boys, and Rebecca was in Major Girls. Three kids in three leagues keeps you jumping! James made the Burney All Stars last summer, and we got to travel to Chester for the games.

Fourth of July Parade

Fourth of July was insane last year. Rebecca marched in the band, James was on the Baseball All Stars float, George and Thomas rode on the Church's float, and I walked the entire parade route handing out candy and invitations to VBS. The week prior, the kids all had swimming lessons, and Rebecca had marching practice. The evening of the parade, Rebecca walked up and down the football field selling red white and blue items to raise money for her Washington trip. The week of the parade was extremely hot, and Rebecca ended up being sick with heatstroke for nearly two weeks afterward.

Family picture from May 2009. This is before Becky and I got bangs.

First post

I am finally getting around to making a blog!! I will be keeping the blog as updated I can, so that I can share pictures and events as the kids grow. That is my goal anyway :)