Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to everyone!! May you be blessed abundantly in the New Year!

Christmas Eve was James' birthday, so we had pizzas and root beer floats and watched movies.  He will be having his actual party on January 14th.

 We all had a great Christmas!

It ended up being just the five of us, but we are getting together with family on Monday (January 2nd)
 After we opened presents, we headed over to the Church.

 The kids were all in a play at church that told the Christmas story, and then ended with an alter call.

 The kids all did a great job with the play!  There were not very many people in service Christmas morning, but everyone enjoyed the play!

We hope everyone had a blessed Christmas!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Hectic December

 Thomas fell and hit his head at the J12 Tween ministry on December 1st, so my assistant teacher Chris bandaged him up with a roll of toilet paper until he looked like a nun.

 On December 3rd, we had a very busy day.
We stopped at the North Pole on our way down to Redding,

 then went to JC Penney's to get pictures for our Christmas Cards, then we went to my mom's house in Red Bluff for another Thanksgiving feast.

The kids always enjoy stopping at the North Pole (the Burney Fire Hall).

They each got to pick a stuffed animal while they waited in line, then they got to see Santa, and Mrs. Claus gave them each a gift.
Thomas is the only one still small enough to sit on Santa's knee.

After seeing Santa, the kids had cocoa and cookies and the boys decorated toy cars.
Dinner at my mom's was nice.  The kids always enjoy playing with their Uncle Kenny.

Monday night, December 5th,  we  put up the tree and decorated it.

The kids had fun putting on the decorations.

Tuesday George's Uncle Chuck and Aunt Linda stopped by on their way to Oregon.

We haven't seen them in 11 or 12 years, since they moved from Concord to Arizona.

We showed them around a bit and went sightseeing,

and then we played Disney Charades in the evening, which was a lot of fun!.
Uncle Chuck and Aunt Linda are moving from Arizona to Oregon, so we should be able to see them much more often!

 On December 10th, our church had a progressive dinner.  I forgot to get pictures of the appetizer course at Susan's house,

but I did get pictures everywhere else.
This is 20+ people crammed into my kitchen for the Salad course.
We had a great time visiting at all the houses.
  The kids had a separate party at the church while we went house to house, and they had a fun time as well.

The main course was served at Pastor Bud's house.  He just recently added an addition to his house, so he was able to fit us all comfortably at tables.

Our final stop was at the Laughlin home for dessert and an ornament exchange.  We played the gift exchange, and everyone ended up with beautiful new gifts for their trees.

On Friday the 9th,  we put up and decorated the tree that Jerry and Susan bought for the church.  The tree is absolutely gorgeous!
Becky's Christmas concert was on the 12th.  She is the closest person in the front row, wearing black and  green and playing piccolo.

I start a new schedule this week, I will have Fridays off from now on, so I will be blogging weekly! I will be on vacation with the kids this week (Dec 18-23)
I have Monday the 26th off as a holiday, so for the rest of the month I only work 3 days, the 27th through 29th.  I will enjoy the downtime with the kids!!

Merry Christmas!!