Saturday, August 13, 2011

Visiting crew, J12 Retreat 2011

We went up to the Falls with Teresa and her crew while they were here.  The little readhead is Teresa's nephew Cory who came down from Washington state.

From left to right our 'crew' is James, Cory, Thomas, John, DeAngelo, Rebecca, and Miresa.

And there's Teresa

We took the youth from my church to our third annual retreat July 29th through 31st.

The first year we went to the Hereford Ranch, Last year we went to Lassen, and this year we went to Pit 1, which is a BLM campground.

The kids all had a great time.

It was beautiful out there, there are trees above and bushes all around with little paths through the forest down to a perfect swimming hole.

It was about 100 degrees all weekend, so the shade was appreciated, and the kids spent all their free time in the water.

Cory of the jungle

This is a game called minute-to-win it.

You put a cookie on your forehead and try to get it in your mouth without using your hands in 60 seconds or less.

Marissa won the first round.

Second round...

John won the second round
Third (adult) round...
This game is a lot harder than it looks!

George's dad won the third round.

The final round

Marissa is the Grand Champion!

The water from the swimming hole joins back up with the Pit River a little ways down.  We took a walk to see it.

Evening water volleyball

More pictures of our trip to the falls,
from another camera.

View from the bridge we crossed on the back trail to the falls
and here's the bridge

View from the top

George cutting out the template for the retreat shirts

Relaxing with DS and laptop
Thomas is in a Calvin phase.  It's hard to get a normal picture of him.
Retreat group picture
It's been a great summer, thanks for joining me on it!!