Thursday, July 25, 2013

Catching up more: March 2013 part 1

We went to Miresa's birthday party in March instead of February this year, due to scheduling conflicts.
We took Becky's friend Gabby with us.  Gabby and Becky made cupcakes into Panda bears for Miresa.  They turned out really cute.

The kids had fun hanging out together
Happy 19th birthday Miresa!
Boys playing video games

The required annual shots of Thomas on the swing

We stopped by Home Depot and let Thomas play because they were having a Kids workshop.
They were letting the kids build racecars.

James and John were with us, but didn't want to build.

Thomas had fun putting the car together

Finished product

There was a ramp set up to race the cars.

The car is fully functional.

They had a couple real cars out for show also.
back at the house, the kids were playing games.  they played Apples to apples and Cranium.

Present time!

Nineteen candles

Group birthday shot

...and an outdoor shot for better lighting.
Gabby and Becky also had fun at the mall
And Thomas got to visit with Elisha
We visited MasterBlast Sunday morning
And saw the Vega clan
Loaded up and ready to go home....With a stow-away!
Becky and I went on our annual school field trip to Ashland in March.
We saw quite a bit of snow from the bus.

We had plenty of time to hang out and go shopping before the play

Becky ordered a salad for lunch, and they brought one larger than her head! It was a huge amount of food!

This year's play was my Fair lady

As usual, the play was wonderful!

Group field trip shot.  The field trip consists of CSF, Drama, and the Senior Class.  Becky is in CSF (College Scholarship Foundation)

Becky and I went to a Spring Preview Weekend at Simpson College.  The day started out with Praise and Worship.
We then got a tour of the campus, and attended a class.

The campus is beautiful.  This globe was commissioned by Walt Disney.  The water spins the globe.
Besides all the continents, there is a ring of people ringing the globe to represent international ministry.
These are the living quarters.
Overlooking campus

This is the prayer chapel
Becky spent the night in the dorms with these girls.

The dorms are laid out nicely, with everyone having a space of their own for privacy
There are vanities separate from the bathroom for convenience.
We had a very delayed party for James in March.
We went down for lunch, shopping, and a movie.
James made himself  a special dessert treat.
We saw The Hobbit at the theatre