Tuesday, June 29, 2010

rest & relaxation

We had a busy weekend!

Rebecca came back Saturday night. Her flight was supposed to be in at 10:38, but it was running behind, so it didn't come in until nearly 11:00.

Randy and Laura took the boys to see the new Karate Kid movie with Jaden Smith, then Laura put them to bed and visited her TV. (Randy and Laura are downsizing their home, selling their house and all their furniture so they can go into full time ministry. We bought their 60 inch TV off them, so Laura had to come visit it) :)

George and I went down to Redding, did a little shopping and went out to dinner, then went to the airport to wait for Becky. By the time we picked her up and made it home, it was around 12:15 Sunday morning. We sent Laura home and got Becky situated, then we watched a TV show to wind down, so by the time we went to bed, it was 1:00 am at least. Someone called me at 6:30 am to let me know she would not need a ride to Church, which ruined my plan of wanting to sleep in until 8:00...
I don't normally drink coffee, but I had an espresso and a normal coffee before church. I was supposed to teach children's church, but I ended up switching with Angyl because she'll be out of town next week.

Monday we just wanted to relax, so we put up and started filling the pool my mom gave us, put up a screen room around it to minimize bugs and debris, started a fire in the fire pit and cooked some burgers and dogs.

The kids had a great time splashing in the pool and playing volleyball with beach balls, but of course I didn't think of taking any pictures until everyone went back inside...

The pool is now half full, or half empty, depending on your perspective...

We will be getting some DC pictures up soon, Becky wants to blog them herself.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Building a bridge 6/21/10

On one of the days of VBS, the kids will have to run from a giant boulder and cross a bridge over water or lava or something...

George and his dad constructed the bridge that we will be using.

James and Thomas helped out a bit.

George's dad is here for a week,
he arrived last Wednesday night, so Becky got to spend time with him Thursday before she left.

He will be heading back to Montana Tomorrow.

I am very glad that he is willing to offer his building services while he is here!

The bridge looks great, and the boys had fun helping, and testing it out.

Making VBS shirts 6/19/10

I'm starting to get ready for VBS...
We made a template, George and his dad cut it out with the rotozip, and I spraypainted some shirts...

They turned out pretty good! I re-purposed my umbrella as a drying rack, then threw them in the dryer to heat set.

VBS is July 19 - 23rd. My friend Teresa Wilson wrote the VBS, and is coming up with a crew to help run it. She will also be helping me with my Tween retreat July 30 - August 1.

In between the two, she will be working at kids camp for her church down in Cottonwood.
Teresa is awesome! Check out her blog In His Love in my links to the left...

This year's theme is California Smith and the Raiders of the Lost Heart

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Yesterday was the longest day in history...
The info I had showed Becky flying out of Redding at 6:15, landing at SFO at 7:30, leaving SFO at 11 am to go to DC. I set my alarm for 3:45, but I kept waking up from about 2:30 on, because I was scared of oversleeping. I took a shower at 3:45, got everyone ready, and we were out the door by 4:30 am. The van wouldn't start. We tried to jump start it for about 20 minutes, then squished everyone into the explorer. It's now about 4:50, I'm thinking- no problem, the flight doesn't leave until 6:15.
We got stopped about halfway down by windmills...they are building 40 story tall windmills on our ridge line to send power to LA, and the huge pieces come up by semi truck with about 8 CHP's escorting, and you have to pull over and let them by.
Anyways, we ended up getting to the airport at 6:04, come to find out the flight plans had changed, flight left at 6, not 6:15. We dropped the boys off at my mom's house, and drove to SFO as fast as we could to get Becky on the connecting flight, which was now leaving SFO at 10:28 instead of 11. By the time we got her bag checked and she went through the security line, she made it to the plane with 15 minutes to spare.
I was supposed to go to a Foursquare Pastors and Youth leaders conference in Eureka last night...but I didn't make it. We made it home around 5:30 last night, and I was so exhausted, I forgot all about Thomas' team party that was at 6:00. His coach brought his trophy by around 7:30.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

8th grade Promotion, June 10, 2010

Rebecca is in high school now!

She had on a beautiful dress that a friend gave her.

Somehow she got all grown up...

My daughter, you are turning into an amazing, beautiful woman and I am very proud of you.

Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Ken came over.
We went out for Chinese food to celebrate promotion
and my brother's 20th birthday.

After the ceremony, they had a dance.
From 8:00 to 9:00 it was open to all grades,
and then from 9:00 to midnight it was their class only.

They played 21 and had a great time!

They even had an Elvis impersonator!

Rebecca didn't actually make it to midnight,
she came home around 10:30.

Thank you Trish for beautiful pictures from a real camera!!

The very last picture is of the three girls who will be leaving for Washington DC this Friday: Sabrina, Rebecca, and Gabby.

End of the Season

I am running a few days behind!!

Sunday afternoon we had an end of season party for James' team, with croquet and water balloons, BBQ, cake and ice cream, and awards.

It was a beautiful day at the park! Everyone had a great time, and we even brought our dog.

There is even a sideways picture of me, taken by Becky :)

Thomas played his last game on 6/2, but hasn't had his party yet.

Becky was supposed to play a double header Saturday, and a Double Header yesterday, but her coach is out of town, and her assistant coach's wife passed away Thursday.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lady Raiders vs. Fall River 6/9/10

Becky finally made it home this game!!

I followed her around all of the bases with the camera.

I tried to get her crossing the plate, but I am not quite used to the digital delay yet, so I got her walking back to the dugout after crossing the plate.

They lost again, but they are doing a great job and putting forth the effort. They are starting to get a little discouraged, though! Their season is very short since they start so late, but their coaches are awesome, positive men that use every moment as a teaching moment. The girls are all learning a lot.