Sunday, May 20, 2012

Talent show

Most of James' Comedy skit from last month's talent show.  I missed the beginning because I didn't have the camera ready.

May 2012: Baseball, Eclipse, Driving lessons

Moments in Thomas' games...
Playing third base

At bat

Coming home

I went to pick up Becky one evening and saw a fox at the high school. The lighting was poor and the fox was running so it was hard to get a good picture.

 Becky's first driving lesson!! May 6th

 May 5th - 7th we had New Life Drama Company visiting our church.  The two guys here with Thomas are both named Joshua.  They stayed in Jerry and Susan's guest house.  We took them to see the falls.
We got a lot of pictures in front of my favorite sign while George fixed the settings on Susan's camera.

The man here on the left is Donny, who stayed with us.

 Jerry and Susan were not climbing on the rocks with us

Another game in Burney

 Another journey around the bases!

 Made it home!
 This game was in MacArthur 5/12/12 at the Fair grounds.

What's that in the parking lot? is it a bird? a plane? No! It's Becky driving George around  the mostly empty lot

Thomas at bat

 Thomas as catcher

 May 18th the boys went to a dance at the school. When we came to pick them up, Thomas was playing with his friends outside while James and the student council cleaned the gym

 Look at me ma!

Game in Bieber 5/19/12

 Slide!  Safe!!

Coming into home plate
 Happy boy!
 George and I graduated from the Ministry Training Institute 5/20/12
 And then we watched the Eclipse.
We were using homemade eclipse viewers, and then George got out some cardboard so we could have a larger viewer
Becky was at six flags on a CSF trip, so she did not watch the eclipse with us.
 We made the viewers in children's church this morning, and they worked fairly well.

The big viewer George made was easier for everyone to see

 Ring of Fire!!

 Wherever the sun shone through the trees it cast little circles all over the street
I managed to get an image in the lower right of this picture