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March part 2: Ashland, Simpson, James' party, Eagle scouts...

 Becky and I made our annual field trip to Ashland in March.  The bus windows were all foggy and there was snow outside, so it felt like we were in a white tunnel for most of the trip.

tunnel vision.
 The scenery was beautiful if you wiped off the windows.

 Becky likes to hide from the camera

We spent some time poking around in stores in Ashland with Becky's friend Gabby

 The place we normally go to for lunch was closed, so we tried somewhere new.  We were all shocked when Becky's salad came!
Her lunch could have fed 10 people!

 We gathered outside the theater to receive our tickets from the chaperons.  This year's play was My Fair Lady.

I always love going to the theater in Ashland, they do an amazing job!
After the play we gathered the kids for a group shot

This upcoming spring will be my last chance to go on this trip with Becky.  I will be able to start going with James, though.
We attended the Spring Preview Weekend at Simpson College.
 Chapel was first, then we toured the campus and attended a class.
 The Simpson campus is beautiful, and only 47 miles from my house (yay!).  Becky is really looking forward to next year.

 Simpson owns about 80 acres, with about 40 undeveloped, ready for expansion (a literal 'back forty').
This cross sits at the center of campus.

 They have a beautiful bell tower, which plays music to remind students that it's time for chapel.
 This beautiful marble globe was designed by Walt Disney.  The fountain under the globe keeps the globe revolving constantly.
 There is a ring of people holding hands all around the globe.  Simpson is big on missions.

the private chapel has these beautiful windows in it, and is a nice place to get away and reflect.
 Rebecca stayed the night in the dorm with these girls.  The one in the middle is another visitor, the two on the ends were their hosts.

 Becky made them all paper hats.
I really like the way the dorms are laid out.  Even though there are 4 to a room in this building, everyone has their own personal space, so it feels almost as if they have a little 'room' of their own. Everyone also has closet space.
The vanity is in the room so people don't have to wait for the bathroom to be free to get ready.  The bathroom is across from the vanity.

 We wanted to have James' party in January or February, but it was too hard to coordinate with his friends.  We finally ended up having a family party for him in March.
We went to Redding for lunch

James made himself a dessert creation of ice cream  and gummy bears

 And we went to see The Hobbit on the big screen.

 Great movie!

 Two of the scouts in our troop went Eagle in March, and a third was just about to finish his Eagle project.  They are one motivated troop!
The troop had an awesome ceremony for Joey and Colton, who have both since aged out of scouts.
They boys getting organized and setting up.

Joey and Colton getting ready at the podium.  Luke is peeking between them, he was not quite done with his Eagle project yet back  in March.

 Luke officiated at the ceremony
 Color guard arriving with the flags

 the candle ceremony is always nice

Our troop is broken into two patrols, the bear patrol for younger boys, and the panther patrol for older boys.  James and the other panthers spoke at the ceremony.

 Mister Ford addressing the crowd

 George stayed on the sidelines and worked the sound equipment.
The ceremony was long and moving.  

 Colton and Joey gave a flag to the troop

 there were some adorable decorations! this little camping scene was on the dessert table after being removed from the cake

These cute little S'More bags were on each table.  Click on the picture to enlarge it, and you can read about the Eagles.

 At the end of March, i took Becky and Gabby to my friend Jeri's house to learn how to make sugar Easter eggs.  We had a great time.

The boys were at Rite Aid that day, helping Luke with his Eagle project.  Luke and the scouts helped renovate and landscape the shoulder between the highway and the parking lot.

So that was March, one of many very busy months.  Thank you for journeying back in time with us.
On to April!

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